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The NCW Advantage

What makes NCW stand apart? Right-sized, Management attention at all times & easy-to-work-with employees are some of the key elements that make us stand apart. A partner that understands not just your systems, but also the markets you do business in. An IT provider that has the flexibility to quickly deploy the resources you need, when and where you need them – not just when the contract is signed, but as the business evolves.

A strong team that works as an extension to your organization, you get:

  • To work with the Right-sized workforce where every engagement gets the attention of the top management
  • Flexible engagement model – NCW engagement specialists customize the engagement model to work around the client enterprise specifics from business goals to project management and HR practices.
  • Client Culture Alignment - NCW rigorously follows the Voice of Customer process, which captures the clients' culture and values and enables the teams to distil the same right down to the agent level. In effect, the operations floors become an extended site for our clients and their Disciplinary policy is mirrored and approved by NCW's Human Resource team
  • Easy-to-work-with professionals enables us to provide market-aware decision making, enhanced communication, and a personal collaborative approach.